Imagine a world where thoughts are at the epicenter of authority. Our minds are the so called elixir for the life force of the gods. Instead of devils feasting on our wicked souls, they feast on our thoughts, our ideas. Their manifestation is cunning. These divine creatures look like us. They gain our trust. They sacrifice us for greater power.”

At the center of this world is a special someone called Jack. He is a man with a conflicted mind, who frequently stops to contemplate even the most mundane of situations. His cogitative powers have impressed the gods. He is precisely the individual they desire to bolster their hold on the human race.

In this world of devious thoughts and backstabbing: not everything is what it seems. Ordinary thoughts can become interesting and vice versa. All it takes is one situation where someone’s thoughts begin to leak out. The gods will drink the oozing beliefs. They will grow in strength.



Leaky Thoughts Trio 1


Leaky Thoughts Cast

How can one thought, daydream or situation change the course of someone’s life?

You will discover all the answers through comedic and thought provoking interactions between Jack, his peers and of course, the gods of thoughts.