Naiara Paulos

Naiara Eizaguirre-Paulos was born and raised in San Sebastian, Spain. She is a multimedia journalist passionate about the work of informing the public and for most of her professional career has worked in television as an on-air reporter, host, and producer. Naiara covered pressing Spanish and European current affairs with an international news value and a special focus on politics, human rights, immigration policy, culture, movies and fashion. She often goes beyond her limits, so after ten years of professional experience in Spain, she decided to make her next career move the study of the craft of documentary, society’s moral witness.
Naiara Eizaguirre-Paulos
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Christopher Orangeo

“Christopher Orangeo is a Writer/Director from Maplewood, New Jersey. He received his BFA in Digital Filmmaking from the Art Institute of Jacksonville. Ever since Christopher was a teenager, he’s loved movies and the process of making movies. He says there is a sense of joy when it comes to creating stories; creating characters, intertwining their lives and watching it become, as it moves from paper to screen. Writing and Editing allows Christopher imagination to run wild!

Maggie Leung

Maggie Leung is an aspiring editor who graduated from Binghamton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and English in 2015. She’s directed and edited videos for organizations such as Binghamton University Glee Club, Harpur Edge, and the Center for Technology & Innovation. Maggie also has a keen interest in visual communication; while she was a multimedia intern for Harpur Edge and a graphic designer for Harpur Cinema, she designed numerous posters promoting events and film screenings.Maggie has recently wrapped production on her first narrative short film, Anxiety. She is hoping to release the film this summer.

Alexander Leiss

Alexander Leiss is a screenwriter and filmmaker who has worked on over twenty film sets in a variety of positions, served as a writer on four short films, and produced three documentaries, two of which have premiered at festivals in California.  He is currently working on his third feature length screenplay and providing script coverage for a NY based production company.
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Brenden Gregory

Brenden is a recent graduate of Binghamton University’s Theatre Program (Class of ’15) and will soon be making his Off-Broadway debut directing the wild, new dramedy THE VIRGIN SLAYER. He is also a proud member of the Binghamton Film Initiative, an award winning film collective currently based in Brooklyn, NY. More info, other past credits, and upcoming projects can be found at

Jared Biunno

My name is Jared Biunno and I will be an assistant/co-director for Leaky Thoughts. I have been working with this excellent team of passionate young filmmakers for several years and am so excited to see this production come to fruition. Leaky Thoughts is quite a unique series and I think that our work on it will result in an entertaining and engaging story that will hopefully keep your eyes glued to the screen wanting more.

Nick Grau

I have been directing short films and webseries for over 8 years. In place of film school, I studied filmmaking while working in the Assistant Director Department in the NYC film industry. Stylistically, I prioritize performance over aesthetic – giving the actors the time to try an extra three or four takes is more important to me than perfecting a lighting set up, for example. When Greg first approached me with the idea for Leaky Thoughts, I was excited to apply this mentality. The story is character-driven, fueled by internal developments and relationships between the characters, rather than by visually striking events. I enjoyed focusing on this element, keeping our guerrilla-style shoot as low key as possible. Consequentially, the busy chaos of New York City bustles naturally in the background, providing the perfect stage for Greg’s host of strongly-motivated characters to interact with one another in this cut-throat and provocative story.

Nj Agwuna

NJ Agwuna (Director) is a freelance theater and film director, hailing from the ‘burb’s of central Maryland, NJ is thrilled to be directing this show. A recent resident of NYC, some of NJ’s credits include Unnamed Netflix Show (PA/ Day Player), True Therapy (Director), When Irish Eyes Are Flirting (Director), My Penny(Director), Dracula (Director), Then She Fell (ASM), Roadside Attraction (SM), Amazing Spider-Man 2, Ice Age (Asst. Director), Alondra was Here (Stage Manager), Bodega Bay (Asst. Stage Manager), Alice In Wonderland (White Rabbit/ Writer/ Choreographer),Today’s Special, Boardwalk Empire, Elementary, The Following, Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More (Stage Management Sub), and Redhead Randy; Anti-Bullying film. In her spare time she coaches auditioning techniques for actors of all ages, rehearses with her musical Improv troupe, works on devising new pieces, and assists with casting at various casting agencies. She would like to thank Greg, the cast and crew for going on this journey with her… and trusting her in the drivers seat, “Its gonna be a fun time.”

Ethan Scarduzio 

Ethan A. Scarduzio is a passionate director of film and video, who has worked in the industry for several years. He started his filmmaking journey at Binghamton University, where he studied cinema and theatre. Since graduating, he has directed several films in collaboration with BFI, including Dead Meat, The Bag and Fallout. His films have appeared in several film festivals including the Centrally Isolated Film Festival (Ithica, NY) and SUNY Wide Film Festival, for which Fallout was awarded the Grand Jury Prize.

Esther Lenderman 

Esther Lenderman is a scholar, theorist, restauranteur, jet setter, and mogul

Matt Greenberg

Matt Greenberg is a rockstar, director, entrepreneur, deobaire, 21st century man

Miguel Gonzalez 

Miguel Gonzalez got his career started in 2010 when he attended The New York Film Academy. Since then he has gone on to produce various shorts. Some have made their way into festivals such as Cannes Film Festival. He currently freelances in both film and tv production while also managing an equipment room for a production company. With various projects under his belt like 2 seasons of New York Fashion Week he shows a promising career ahead of him.